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Enter P.E Nation Menswear

Introducing P.E Nation Menswear

P.E Nation is proud to present its first Menswear capsule. A collection explicitly designed for the male, yet crafted to be worn by everybody. Our men’s activewear collection showcases simple street style silhouettes and elevated styles with form, function, fit, and feel all at the forefront. Made for the street, home, and gym, our activewear for men is designed to stay in place, built to withstand the pace, and above all else, crafted for all-day comfort.

Sportswear for Men

The P.E Nation Menswear capsule features accurate sizing, brand-new active men’s silhouettes, and engaging modern design elements. The collection includes jackets, sweats, shorts, trackpants, tanks, tees and performance leggings, with a strong colour palette of black, white, silver sage, electric blue and sulphur yellow.

Men’s Active Streetwear For An Urban Life

Whether monochrome or colour-blocked for a louder look, you can layer your way. P.E Nation Menswear stays true to its origins: Active Streetwear for an Urban Life, Lived at Fast Pace. Boasting specialised fabrications and technical detailing following an acute eye for the active, we can’t wait for your response on P.E Nation's first Menswear capsule. In the meantime, meet Sydney local Todd Liubinskas, a health and fitness community leader who's been trialling the new P.E Nation Menswear collection through his nonstop days as co-founder of the global run club The 440 and the online workout platform Feel Fit in 4 Weeks.

P.E Nation Menswear on the Move: An Interview with Todd Liubinskas

You’ve been in the fitness industry for years, but have you always been active before that? Did you come from an active family? Where do you think your love of fitness came from?

Todd: I grew up with Mum being an aerobics instructor, and Dad was a first-grade rugby league player. Safe to say, I was into fitness the minute I was born. I remember playing at the back of aerobics classes, and Dad (who retired after I was born) would take me to games where he was coach, where I was surrounded by athletes - in locker rooms, on the training paddock, and at social events - fitness was all around me.

I remember Dad taking me to my first sandhills session when I was 5 years old. Dad’s trainer then was a guy nicknamed ‘The Sandhill Warrior’ aka Rob Rowland-Smith. He would train NRL athletes, professional surfers and was a teacher himself. We had guys like Tom Carroll (world champion surfer), NRL stars, and mainly fit humans. That was normal for me. Every Sunday, like clockwork, sandhills with Dad, a quick surf and a meat pie. My love of fitness was with me from a young age; it felt normal.

Obviously, regular exercise has physical benefits for us, but what about other aspects? For you, is it the spiritual, emotional, community connection or anything else that holds the most value for you?

Todd: Regular exercise is like brushing my teeth every morning and every evening. I need to be moving to connect to my body, to enable my mind to connect to my body. It’s the feeling of working out - the sense of oxygen passing through your body at an accelerated pace - that is the feeling I crave.

I meditate twice daily, and most often than not, try my best to swim every single day. I need movement, I need sun, and I need water. Without those, I definitely feel out of sync. In saying that, I also recharge myself under the sun and moon, so training at any time of the day works.

You move your body daily but also take time to focus on your mind. Can you tell us a bit about your practices, meditation, what that looks like for you each day, when you built this habit, and what you notice about adding this to your daily routine?

Todd: My meditation practice was taught to me by Matt Ringrose at Bondi Meditation. My friend, 440 co-founder and business partner Trent Knox (pictured above left, with Todd) introduced Matt to me after I went through a period of 3 months, where I had shingles, hives; I was stressed from work, relationships, life.

I learnt how to sit with myself and breathe through Vedic meditation. I meditate for 20 minutes, twice a day. It allows me to be within myself and understand that my pace is the only speed I should be moving at. It’s allowed me to process decision making and observe rather than immediately input on situations.

What other non-negotiables do you have that help support your wellbeing? Do you think it’s essential for all of us to have non-negotiables, and can you share some good ones to adopt?

Todd: My daily non-negotiables are:

- Movement

- Drinking 5 litres of water

- Meditation

- Being kind to others

These are my absolute non-negotiable points that are instilled in me. I live by treating others how you want to be treated, and if I put that out in the world, I know I’ve done what I can to create better life situations.

Can you tell us about the practical side of prepping for an active day? What are some of your gym bag essentials?

Todd: My large gym bag essentials (lol), these are pretty funny but here goes:

- Two pairs of shorts.

- Three pairs of socks.

- Two pairs of shoes (I have about five pairs in my car for any emergency situations or workouts).

- An extra set of hair and skincare products.

- My Apple watch.

- My water bottle.

- Apple Air Pods.

What about men’s activewear? What do you look for in gym clothes for men – from gym shorts and gym pants, what defines the best men’s activewear? Style, functionality, comfort or all of the above?

Todd: When choosing activewear, I look for comfort, style, practicality, and things that match. When it comes to gym clothes for men or men’s streetwear, if you look good, you feel good, if you feel good, you perform well, and that’s what it feels like in the P.E Nation Menswear gear. It’s a conversation starter, and also noticing that guys are always asking where I get my gear from!

Tell us something you’re looking forward to or feeling excited about.

Todd: I just got engaged, so I’m excited about celebrating an engagement party and then a wedding… maybe overseas when we can travel.

Menswear Photography by Kristina Yenko.

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