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P.E Nation : we are a Conscious Nation

The current day-to-day rigours of life create extremely high amounts of stress, tension and fatigue, at a rate that has not been seen before in history. The pace and the style of life we have set is unsustainable for most. Once our systems reach their threshold and begin to overload, the mind, body and the entire nervous system begins to precipitate and experiences great disharmony. Anxiety, depression, lack of energy, acute fatigue and just the feeling of not being fulfilled, content or joyful dominate.
In order to compensate, we often find ourselves seeking a way to “cope”, by engaging in various activities such as excessive drinking, eating, sleeping, sport, work, drugs and so on. While temporary “relief” may be experienced, these activities, when used in this manner, create greater amounts of stress, tension and fatigue which build in the body and nervous system. We discover that we have been reaching for resolution from external sources, which is ultimately impossible. While it may appear that everything is okay, really, we know it is not. We begin to ask questions. The answers to these questions start to point within. This is where meditation fits in.

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. This technique or style of meditation has been cognised, practiced and maintained within the Vedic tradition and passed down through the ages. The technique is universal in its nature. Although originating in India, it was introduced by the Vedic masters to the world to be shared. It is, in essence, a meditation style purposefully designed for “householders” – busy people living busy lives – to enjoy all the great benefits which meditation brings..

The meditation technique Marshy teaches, is very simple and effortless. It will give you the ability to enjoy your life on a level you have yet to experience. The technique involves the use of a mantra – an ultra-refined sound – which is intrinsically charming to the mind. The mind is able to move from busier states into the deeper, more peaceful or subtle states, where transcendence is reached. Pure bliss!

P.E Nation : we are a Conscious Nation

Meditation is a simple, natural, effortless experience of your being. It’s not the silver bullet. You are already the silver bullet without even knowing it. Meditation simply reveals this to us. Many people have convinced themselves that their minds never stop and so would never be able to meditate. How many times have you heard that?   Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, unless you have a busy mind, why would you feel the need to meditate. And that is all of us

So meditation is simply “being”. From this, you very quickly begin to feel your natural, authentic self and creativity, well being and froth for life become evident to you and those around you. There is no such thing as a good meditator and no such thing as a bad meditator. There’s just meditators. It is in fact the most simple, effortless and enjoyable thing you’ll ever do.  Ask someone who does it.  Am I enthusing you to consider learning?  Of course! But until then, I have a few mindfulness techniques that you can enjoy which will give you a little taster when you’re feeling stress, tension, fatigue, anxiety or just need to re-set quickly. Just so you know, meditators tend not to feel a need for these as the meditation takes care of it.

So here’s 4 mindfulness tips for you.Try them when you need them:

P.E Nation : we are a Conscious Nation

⦁Pick up a pen or pencil. Hold it lightly in your fingers and investigate it as if you’ve never seen one before.  You don’t need to try to take your attention there, just be fully wonderous and be attentive with it. Do this for a minute or two and you will notice your mind calming. Then, hold the pen or pencil up to your eye level or higher and imagine that the only thing that existed in the entire universe is that.   Swirl it gently in your fingers and imagine a black background with no other galaxies or stars or suns or planets or anything.  Just the pen.  Stay with this. Your mind will experience small glimpses of something beyond it’s usual field. You will realise something.   I can’t give that something away or there is not point to the exercise. Enjoy.

⦁Sit somewhere where you can view a tree or a plant. Take your attention to the tree or plant and sense the “stillness” that pervades it. Stay with it. Feel and sense the stillness, breathe gently and stay with the stillness. You will soon see that the stillness you are witnessing in the tree or plant is in fact the same stillness that pervades you.   But, as our minds are so active, we miss this. This simple technique reveals to us our true nature. Enjoy!

⦁There is a teaching within the context of the meditation practice and surrounding knowledge that I teach which simply states that human beings need to “follow charm”. On a piece of paper write this question…..“Where does charm lie?” We need to follow charm fearlessly in life and yet we settle and stay in places of security. Many people settle in their jobs, in their marriages, in their patterns…..basically their safety zone. We very rarely question anything out of the fear of loss or change.   Everything in the universe is subject to creation, maintenance and destruction ( or dissolution), meaning everything is impermanent. Yet we try vigilantly to rigidly attach our sense of self onto people, places, events, circumstances and things due to fear. Fear of change being an obvious one. So under the heading, in point form, write down where your froth lies or charm lies. This need only take a few minutes, then it will become clear in which direction you need to be heading.

⦁Ok, so this is a very well-known and popular mindfulness technique. It is really a gentle introduction to meditation. Simply sit comfortably and keep your back supported and neck and shoulders free. Slowly close your eyes and very effortlessly take the mind’s focus to your breath. You don’t have to try to breathe in any way, just breathe as you naturally do.   Notice how the air you are breathing in feels on the outside of the nostrils. Then innocently follow the breath through the nose, then into the lungs and belly and then back out, once again feeling as the air releases out of the nostrils. If at any time you realise that your attention has been taken by something else, such as thoughts, body sensations or noise, that’s ok. Just simply take your faint attention back to the breath. Do this for 5 mins. You will feel much calmer and relaxed. Enjoy!