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Moving The Nation: LA Takeover
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Moving The Nation: LA Takeover

Moving The Nation: LA Takeover

A Story From Los Angeles.

P.E Nation has been stocked across US fitness-focused department store Bandier's website, as well as its retail spaces in New York, Texas and LA, since 2016. Heralded by VOGUE as a 'stylish fitness emporium', Bandier was founded in 2014 and is 'a one-stop activewear shop that gives working up a sweat a high-fashion finish'; a concept built for those in pursuit of a life well lived.

To celebrate the strong partnership P.E Nation and Bandier share, a special VIP workout session was held in sun-drenched LA on Tuesday July 20.

P.E Nation x Bandier

The event, held at Bandier's exclusive Studio B in West Hollywood - neighbouring the Chateau Marmont, the Sunset Strip, the infamous Robertson Boulevard and the hyper-cool Fairfax District - centred around movement and wellbeing, with a high-intensity class led by celebrity fitness trainer Morgan Willett. Guests were treated to a fast-paced workout session and gifted P.E activewear sets from our most recent collections to wear.

"This was a total Summer sweat session," says Morgan. "My classes are upbeat, high intensity and leave you with a rush of endorphins like no other - and 30 minutes is all you need to get a kick ass, full body burn."

Attendees included actress, model and comedian Nikki Howard, travel and lifestyle creator Lisa Homsy, My Secret Avenue founder Darya Zozulya, and model and certified California health coach Kyla Shay.

"I got to run the class in one of my all-time favourite activewear brands - P.E Nation!" says Morgan. "When I'm working out, I want to exude confidence. P.E Nation has bold and sassy prints. I love wearing it because I know it's high-quality, it's comfortable, but it also makes a statement."

Tips to Stay Healthy In Summer

For Morgan, small simple habits enjoyed daily are the key to pursuing a healthy and vibrant life well lived. Her top three tips for healthy living when the mercury is high are:

1. WRITE THINGS DOWN! Whether it's what you are grateful for, what your grocery list is, or what your week of workouts may be, you are 10 times more likely to do something when it's written down! Don't let the excitement of summer distract you from your goals.

2. INVEST IN A GOOD WATER BOTTLE. Hydration is key for your overall health and it's easy to go out in the sun and forget the importance of drinking that H2O. Buy a cute water bottle and take it everywhere with you so you never forget to hydrate.

3. CREATE A MORNING ROUTINE. It's easy to get into a slump or feel unmotivated after a vacation or summer getaway. A morning routine will help you kickstart your day! I always wake up and do five minutes of meditation, followed by a quick stretch and journalling.

Photography by Alex Jay.

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