P.E Nation: World Series | London Calling
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P.E Nation: World Series | London Calling

P.E Nation: World Series | London Calling



P.E Nation hosted a bespoke sweat session in the UK last week. A morning celebration of self-care centred around how you #moveyourframe, a reformer Pilates class was held at Frame Fitness Kings Cross, lead by personal trainer and instructor Julius Ebreo. Guests including Marie Claire’s Health & Sustainability Editor, Ally Head, stylist Aliesha Vian and Stylist Magazine’s Miranda Larbi, were treated to a stretch session in sustainable performancewear from the latest P.E collections, and nourishing breakfast.

“P.E Nation is a complete game changer.” - Miranda Larbi, Stylist Magazine




With five studios situated across London, as well as Livestream sessions and an On-Demand platform, Frame Fitness was founded in 2009 with the simple mantra that getting fit should never feel like a chore, and a strong belief in “the power of sweet endorphins and the magical effects it can have on our mind and bodies” .

Co-Founders Pip Black and Joan Murphy wanted to make exercise fun again. “We wanted to create a place that was for everyone, no matter if they hadn’t worked out since PE or were a top athlete. Most importantly, we wanted to build a community, a space filled with positive energy so that Framers would leave feeling like they could take on the world ... We wanted something that would appeal to women, but also to people who were into fashion or music,” says Pip.




As well as daily yoga, Pilates, weights and personal training sessions, Frame Fitness also runs dance-based party classes - see Garage Dance Cardio, Rave & Rebound, Music Video and Cher-obics, a low impact, high vibes class with an all-Cher playlist.

“There’s 80s aerobics, which is music themed great for – getting people excited to work out, there’s boy band barre, but then there’s also more traditional classes like yin yoga. It’s about fitting into people’s lives, whatever they need at the time and the variety. I mean let’s be honest it’s 85% women and women need variety,” says Joan.

“That’s the future of wellness – It shouldn’t take over and consume you, it should fit seamlessly into your schedule and raise the overall quality of your life and wellbeing. Which means going out for brunch, which means espresso martinis and all the good things because you’ve got to balance it out a bit.” - Joan Murphy, Co-Founder Frame Fitness