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At P.E Nation, we’ve always aspired to create our brand for all women. To be worn all day, every day. P.E Nation Baseline underpins our P.E creativity with a strong core. It is high-performance, premium quality and made to fit into any lifestyle, any day, anywhere. It is also our most sustainable basics collection yet. These are your go-to favourites, both supportive and easy-to-wear to help you make the most of every day.

When considering our P.E Nation muses, the common thread of those who inspired, was that they were all strong, independent women that manage their busy lives with an unwavering dedication to their families, and to keeping themselves and those around them healthy and happy.

Over the coming months, we will highlight six incredible women we admire, that will become the faces of our P.E Nation Baseline. Truth, embracing life’s setbacks, creating balance, the importance of spending time in nature, and a deep love for family and friends power these everyday women that are doing it all. Simply put, getting back to basics.

Our second muse, a modern-day wonder woman, Rebecca Burrow does it all; model, Mum, designer, and an authentic force of nature. With a 1000-watt smile and a disarmingly candid disposition, there is steady wisdom in Rebecca that belies her years and seems to anchor her through the ebb and flow of her busy life. Naturally captivating and a passionate creative, Rebecca’s unwavering determination and everyday resilience inspires us. Whether she is radiating glamour on the world stage, running her own kids fashion label, or hunkering down for some family time in her adopted home-town of Yallingup, Western Australia, one thing is for sure; Rebecca knows that getting the basics right and being realistic about your goals, is everything.

Family time, tuning into the small things, exercise and nurturing her loved ones are all things that drive this dynamic and enchanting woman. With a bustling family life, a baby on the way and business to run, we asked Rebecca to let us in on how she manages the juggle. Here is what said:

Jasmine Tookes - the face of P.E Nation Jasmine Tookes - the face of P.E Nation

What or who do you define as your core, your core purpose? I am a nurturer. I have always seemed to gravitate to people who I feel can and want to help. My core purpose is to make sure the lives of my family and people around me are filled with of joy and happiness. It's a pretty simple purpose but I think by surrounding yourself with happiness it reflects back on you and the smallest of things can make the biggest of difference. I am personally fulfilled by helping others, so I am constantly trying to better myself and educate myself on ways to help the planet, others and in turn myself.

What is your greatest personal passion? What makes you thrive personally?
Like above I just love seeing people smile. I thrive off other people's happiness and in turn it makes me so happy also. I really thrive off energy around me and have been told by healers that I really take on the energy of people I surround myself with so I thrive off making sure that my circle is a happy place.

What is your greatest professional passion? What makes you thrive professionally?
With Mini Marley I just wanted to create a beautiful brand that reflects my ethical beliefs and follows sustainable practices. I wanted something that I can use as my creative outlet, and something that I could show my daughters and let them know that they can do anything they set their minds to if they apply themselves and are dedicated enough to achieve that goal. It was a challenge for me professionally as I was stepping into a role that I essentially didn't have a background in so I have had to learn so much get to where I am today. I am also the sole owner and staff member of my company so I do it all from design, to customer service and packaging so I thrive on setting hard goals for myself and doing my best to outdo myself.

How do you use your unique voice and platform to share your vision?
In a world of filtered content, I try my best to be able to have a laugh and am not afraid to let the truth spill. My space is not a very serious one, although I know my posts are also filtered and I am able to orchestrate what I post, I like to add light heartedness and honesty in-between all the other work posts. I hate the word "influencer" as it is such an overpowering word but I like to spark conversations in my followers and encourage them to do good in the world and to learn more from each other. I also like to create a space where I am happy to lending an ear to listen, a safe place to be if you ever want to chat or need some advice.

Where does your inspiration come from? The women around me. I am so lucky to be in the lives of so many incredible women. Strong, determined, powerful, empathetic, beautiful creatures that inspire me so much every day.

How do you keep going despite real life/mum/work/relationship jugggles? Setting realistic goals and not expecting too much of yourself is super important. We can't do it all. Pay attention to what is around you and realising what needs your attention most at the time and giving your all to that something while you are there. Don't be too harsh on yourself, I know it gets quite difficult when your work is really demanding your energy and its easily to start guilting yourself into feeling like you're neglecting relationships or motherly duties, but people are understanding of when these situations happen and as long as you are spending quality time with them when you do get that time I think thats all anyone can ask for. Really making sure that if you are having less time with your family that when you do get that family time to really shut off everything else and give your all to them while they are there. Also, don't be afraid to ask for help, don't take on more than you can chew!

If you can, what do you do for you every day?
I find music such a sanctuary for me. Even just to find a second to put my headphones in to listen to whatever music I am feeling like at the time really centres me and brings me back to calm. Its always an easy way to find some peace considering we don't always have the time to do things for ourselves these days in between the hectic moments that life brings. Other things I love but don't get time for every single day are exercise (mostly pilates), an ocean dip in summer, and cooking. I get so lost when I cook while i taste along the way and get lost in the aromas, I love it.

What do you do to take things back to basics?
It's extremely easy to get overwhelmed by adult life but I have found that one thing that has helped me so much is to keep a gratitude journal and practise gratitude whenever I find myself feeling that pressure and it really quickly brings you back to the ground and sets your focus back on the good things in life and what really matters.

What is on the horizon for you? What is that silver lining?
Our new little family member is on the horizon for me. It is quite a bizarre feeling for us because we always said that we would always only have one child and we were so happy in our groove as a family of three but after losing my mother early this year my perspective on family and life shifted quite a bit and we decided to try for another. It's going to be a big energy shift in our family and I feel so out of the newborn bubble and feel like it is my first time again, but we are so excited for what life has to bring. All the chaos and challenges are going to eventuate into our world's biggest love.

What sparks joy in you?
Little unexpected moments. There is so much joy in moments that we would usually find insignificant. A forehead kiss, a smile from a stranger, a handwritten note, Bella's nose crinkle when she laughs, tickle fights, a warm breeze. I could go on forever. I think little moments in life are the ones that I live for and what makes me so happy. Big things have such high expectations of joy attached to them but its tiny moments that surprise you and sweep you off your feet.

If you had one dream that could become a reality tomorrow, what would that be?
Equality for all.

Jasmine Tookes - the face of P.E Nation Jasmine Tookes - the face of P.E Nation
Jasmine Tookes - the face of P.E Nation Jasmine Tookes - the face of P.E Nation

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