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P.E Nation. Sustainability. And Our Intentions for 2020.
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P.E Nation. Sustainability. And Our Intentions for 2020.

P.E Nation. Sustainability. And Our Intentions for 2020.

At its heart, our planet needs us to be better, indeed we want to do better, so while we do our best to implement change, we also support brands that are making efforts to be more sustainable and ethical – those with clear sustainability goals. Warranted, it’s a complex issue, but it’s not one we want to shy away from because we know where we are, we know where we want to be; and in the spirit of transparency, we’re mapping our intentions for 2020 and sharing a few of them here with you now.

From our office culture, our packaging, and fabrics, through to our capsules, collaborations and our partners, we’re integrating sustainability and adopting a change maker mentality into the topics of daily business here at P.E.

Sustainable Fabrics
When it comes to environmental action, one of the most effective ways people can individually have a positive impact on the planet is to choose fabrics that are sustainable. With a focus on implementing developed and tested sustainable fabrics, we’ve already weaved a number of sustainable fabric options into our offering this year (here’s looking at the Eco-Puffer we just launched in January), but there’s more to come. By the end of 2020 all base active leggings will be made from recycled or regenerated fabrics; all cottons produced by P.E. Nation will be organic and certified to organic agricultural standards. We are set to launch our first performance leggings made from bamboo biodegradable circular fabric, grown naturally and harvested with the utmost care of its forestation and natural surroundings. We will additionally be introducing rPET (material made from post-consumer waste plastic drink bottles) polyester spray fabrics into our jackets, drawcords, badges, elastic and mesh. With a lens firmly placed on research and development, we aim to explore the use of other smart and sustainable fabrics with a sourcing focus on rPET polyester and nylon for our jackets, and high-quality vegan leather for our accessories. Furthermore, we aim to ensure that all viscose is sourced from sustainably certified forests.

In recent years there’s been a glut of packaging waste produced, even as landfills run full. Packaging solutions designed to reduce environmental impact are key. From paper tags to swing loops, biodegradable polybags to recycled polyester woven labels, sustainable packaging has a multitude of faces; and we’re championing them right throughout our business in 2020. The Better Packaging Company has developed the world’s most sustainable packaging solutions that consider the complete lifecycle impact of a product from raw material sourcing, right through to end-of-life disposal. So, when you purchase P.E. Nation from our online store, expect to receive your order in a Better Packaging Company bag. But let’s roll back a little to packaging found on the garment itself; our paper tags are made from recycled paper; our internal woven labels are made from recycled polyester that utilise heat seal printing techniques for activewear branding; we use biodegradable polybags for all garments, recycled board for online cards, while the drawstring bag for online orders is made from rPET polyester.

Capsules and Collaborations
This year P.E. Nation has joined forces with global retail leader H&M to launch a sustainably conscious collection of iconic P.E Nation x H&M silhouettes. With their vision and strategy charted for the next two decades H&M plans to use their size and scale to lead the change towards circular and climate positive fashion while being a fair and equal company; a key driver behind P.E Nation’s coupling with the icon. Following from this collection, customers can expect a new 100% sustainable baseline P.E Nation capsule launching in June using rEPT fabrics, organic cotton & bamboo (biodegradable circular fabrics). As well, we will be launching a fully sustainable functional snow collection which uses Eco Fill and rPET fabrics.

Companies are increasingly expected to join with other organisations—both public and private—to address social and environmental problems, and it’s an idea that we fully stand behind. Not only are sustainable partnerships built on shared vision, principles and values, we can do more as a collective. P.E Nation has partnered with Thread Together, an organisation that delivers new, good quality clothing and shoes to people in our community who are doing it tough; as well as i=change which represents a simple and powerful way for online retailers to give back by donating $1 from every sale towards life-changing projects, of which P.E Nation has chosen three. But the opportunities don’t stop there. This year we plan to explore recycling plants and how we might be able to close to circle for returning clothes; work with Australian factories to produce cut and sew products; survey prospects to work with Australian Cotton, Milled in Australia and Made in Australia; evaluate our factories and mills sustainability commitment; and stock Guppyfriend Washing Bags – which are a scientifically approved solution against microplastic pollution from washing – on our website.

From the micro to the macro, we’ve taken heed of the flight of the hummingbird and we’re doing what we can right now. We hope you’ll join us on our journey, that you can appreciate we’re taking a long-term approach to deal with complex sustainability issues, and that you understand we’re listening to you and what needs to be changed for the greater good of our planet. P.E Nation are here for the long haul.

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