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Running Outfits that Boost Performance and Style
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Running Outfits that Boost Performance and Style

Running Outfits that Boost Performance and Style

Sleek Running Outfits that Boost Performance and Style

Running is one of the most quintessential and ubiquitous forms of cardio, with around 50 million people in the United States alone engaging in the exercise. From city streets to tracks and treadmills, runners everywhere are united by the primal urge to push the limits of our bodies and take part in humanity’s first real foray into exercise.
Running has come a long way since the days of our early ancestors, and the gear we wear reflects this significant evolution. Modern running gear can help you conquer more miles and reach new personal bests—all while conveying your unique personality and style.
If you’re looking for the ultimate running outfits that combine modern material technology with impeccable aesthetic design, look no further than P.E Nation. In this guide, we’re sprinting through some of our most essential looks and workout sets for style-conscious runners hoping to elevate their fashion and performance.

#1: The Unbreakable

Running is an enduring commitment. While it may be easy on the freshest, sunniest days, it can be devastatingly difficult to tie up your trainers when wind, rain, and snow await you. Your body, however, doesn't care about the changes in the season—it simply needs more exercise to keep you feeling your best.
So, you brave the elements and run through anything nature can throw at you. You’re unbreakable, and you need activewear sets that match your undying commitment to health and betterment.
The Undefeated Tank in Optic White plus Double Play Legging in Black combo will stand up to any weather condition. In fact, it’s the perfect running outfit for every season thanks to its:
  • Rapid-drying design that reduces sweat and moisture from the hottest of summer sprints and rain during the wettest autumn marathons 

  • Illuminative hue that makes running safer during nighttime hours or when visibility is reduced, such as on foggy days 

  • Incredible stretching potential that lets you break into fully extended sprints without worrying about tearing, chafing, and restrictions to your movements 

The slightly airy, low-rise fit of the tank allows your hips to pop while keeping everything breezy in the sweltering summer heat. During the colder winter months, however, you may want to consider layering these gym leggings and top up with our Man Down Jacket in Dark Shadow. With near-impermeable water resistance and enough pockets to stash anything a runner could hope to carry, this women's running jacket is the unbreakable runner’s best friend during spring storms, autumn downpours, and the winter’s terribly cold weather. That being said, you can also explore our guide on what to wear with leggings for when the weather’s warmer and you’re in need of new outfit ideas.

#2: The Extended Session

The marathon is a holy grail for many runners, and oftentimes, people will start exercising with the intent of completing one of these 26-mile (42km) races. Doing so, however, takes ongoing commitment, the ability to goal-set, and the desire to improve.
The Extended Session captures the spirit, resilience, and dedication of marathon trainers in a sporty, durable, and fashionable men’s activewear set. The Marathon Tee in Optic White sees P.E Nation teamed up with Asics, one of performance wear’s most legendary brands. Together, we’ve crafted a technically-elevated tee replete with:
  • Unbelievably breathable AIRFORM fabric to keep you cool from the first steps to the final push of every run 

  • A lightweight, waffle-textured weave that sits gently against your body without tugging or weighing you down 

  • Quick-drying technology that keeps sweat from building up and making you uncomfortable

Down below, Asics and P.E Nation team up once again to produce an exceptional short that will help you go the extra mile—literally. The lightweight Venture Short in Asics Print is a boldly patterned counterpart to the bright white of the Marathon tee. It’s decked out with much of the same material tech, however, including:
  • Advanced, airy P.ERFORM fabric that allows for optimal cooling on the most critical parts of your body
  • A soft elastic waistband with sturdy drawstrings that allows you to pull yourself into the perfect fit and keep your shorts in your preferred position
  • A slightly split side hem that allows for completely unhindered motion as you walk, sprint, deke, juke, and move in whatever way you see fit
Both the shirt and shorts are consciously branded with the logos of their two parents. So, whether you train in the gym, track, or streets, everyone will know who you roll with when you're in an extended session.

#3: The Race Day Retro

From the routinely rounded tracks of college campuses to the bustling boulevards of city streets, there’s a certain outfit that stirs up feelings of nostalgia in runners. Low-rise, varsity-style shorts and vintage prints embody the classic feel that’s become a favorite amongst lovers of retro running vibes.
The Retro Race Day pays homage to this enduring vintage aesthetic while elevating your running game with modern materials and technology. Up top, we have the peachy plaid of the Overland Sports Bra in Fragrant Lilac that drums up memories of in-fashion flannel. Its soft bamboo-based fabric, however, is miles more breathable and supportive.
The bottoms really make the look come together, however, with the Initialise Short in Fragrant Lilac. The vintage veneer of these trendy women’s running shorts is underlaid with industry-leading flexibility and breathability. As such, they boast:
  • An unbeatably lightweight feel that you may not even notice floating atop your upper legs 

  • A sleek side-slit seam to maximize your movement and eliminate any pesky pulling 

  • A soft, yet firm drawstring and waistband set that will keep them firmly tacked to your hips 

  • A silky-smooth internal mesh that reduces rubbing, cuts out chafing, and stops skin from sticking to itself 

The Retro Race Day combines contemporary running science with timeless aesthetics. Slip it on, channel the power of nostalgia, and run at the top of your game.

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