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As a business we do not own or directly operate factories but our commitment to working with our Supply Chain factories continues and we further build and improve our Social and Ethical Compliance and Education programs whilst expanding and consolidating our sourcing footprint. We can report that the factories listed below represent our core long term partners and as our business moves forward any changes to this list will be updated at six monthly intervals.

The ongoing partnership between our supply chain factories, ourselves and SEDEX has strengthened our knowledge and abilities to ensure that the workers in these factories have the range of benefits including working conditions, fair and equal treatment and the full range of rights set out in the ETI Base Code which has been previously communicated in this website and which contributes to their personal and family life wellbeing. Our latest information feedback set out below is used to develop improvement programs with our Supply Chain Factories:

  • From the beginning of 2020 we have had 137 Formal audits conducted by Internationally recognised Audit service companies including SGS,Intertek,QIMA and Bureau Veritas across our Apparel Factories . These include initial first audits and follow up non-conformance findings closing audit verifications.
  • The most prevalent non-conformance findings reported in the above audits are Excessive Overtime hours worked and variations in payments of workers social insurances by factories and we have ongoing projects operating that are focused on gaining responsible improvements across these including closing of non-conformances within timelines set out in each audit.
  • The factories listed below produce Apparel and associated products for our Brand and National Retail customers including New Zealand.
  • A commitment to payment of a LIVING WAGE to workers by factories is a mandatory requirement as set out in our ETI agreement with each factory and each formal audit includes verification that Auditors have found payments of wage levels are in line with the Nationally set minimum wage across all regions that they operate in within China. We continue to work with our Audit Service Companies to make ongoing improvements to their Audit methodologies to ensure all workers across our Supply Chain are paid Living Wage Levels as calculated by ANKER Methodology by the end of 2025.
  • Currently our sourcing base is mainly based in China and the use of forced or prison labour is banned and monitored by our ongoing audit and factory inspection programs.
  • The majority of the workforce are female in the 40 plus age group.
  • Each factory is audited by independent Internationally recognised organisations on an annual basis and in addition our China based team conduct random audits based on risk analysis or any worker grievance reports.
  • Worker elected committees or their equivalent operate in the factories, and we are progressing with joint projects to share worker grievance reports.
  • These factories operate worker training programs covering Rights, Health and Safety and legally mandated working conditions including freedom of association and movement and the rights to report abuse and grievances within the workplace.

All factories are audited on an annual basis or when identified risks to workers require immediate audit reviews and actions. Audits follow strict guidelines endorsed by the ETI and are carried out by Internationally recognised organisations such as SGS and Intertek, where our preferred Audit program is SMETA 4 pillar covering Workers rights, Health and Safety and Environmental performances Audit non-conformances are supported by agreed Corrective Action plans and our Supply Chain partner factories work with our local based team to remedy non compliances within set timelines.



Factory name Factory address Products Made Number of workers % Female workers % Migrant workers
China Nantong Nuochi Clothing Co., Ltd Xingtai Road, Santang Village, Haian Town, Haian City Nantong Apparel 46 91% 0%
China Mengdi Clothing Co Ltd Yubei Avenue, Yuxin Town, Nanhu District, Jiaxing City Apparel 115 82% 0%
China Chenfeng group Jinhu Road, Jintan District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province Apparel 846 85% 0%
China Jurong Maohua Ladies Fashion Ltd Jinhu Road, Jintan District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province Apparel 150 87% 0%
China Jinjiang Aide Fashion Co,.Ltd. Hede Industrial,Yinglin town,Jinjiang City,Fujian ,China Apparel 152 59% 51%
China Dongguan Austra Garment Limited Qiaozi Road, Qiaozi District, Changping Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China Apparel 652 58% 74%
China Nantong Trading Co., Ltd Guoqiang Road, Nantong, Jiangsu of China Apparel 50 60% 8%
China Ningbo Yinzhou Mingna Garments Co., Ltd Zhongjian Jingujian Factory Building, Ouchi Industry Zone, Yinzhou,Ningbo, China Apparel 143 64% 93%
China H&H Textile & Garments Co., Ltd Zhetang IndustryZone, Lishui, Nanjing, China Apparel 92 93% 5%
China Guangzhou Elan bags Co., Ltd Gegang Road, Shiling Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou Apparel 98 48% 91%
China Santic(Quanzhou)Garment&Knitting Co.,Ltd Zhengxin plaza, Chongyi road, Qingmeng, Quanzhou,Fujian, China Apparel 196 59% 80%
China Jiangsu Sainty Jintan Garments CO., LTD Huacheng Road, Jintan District, Changzhou,Jiangsu Province, China Apparel 157 65% 37%
China Ningbo Yinzhou Found Fashion Huilong industril distric, Qiuga Town,Yinzhou, Ningbo Apparel 47 53% 91%
China Ningbo Huayi Garments CO LTD Dongqian Lake Area, Yin Xian Ave.Ningbo,China. Apparel 148 85% 70%

Last updated: JUNE 2021