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This campaign is about inclusion, unity and community. It is about uniting men and women and all sports by a common thread. How do you feel wearing the new P.E Na on UNISEX range and what does that mean to you?

H: Pip, Claire and the team behind P.E Nation are super clever and I’ve always admired the creativity of the brand. The concept of UNISEX definitely isn’t too foreign for me, that’s the headspace I’m in when it comes to making surfboards as I naturally feel drawn products that cross over or are more versatile. It was cool to learn about the construction of the garments and the sustainable fabrics they’re using.

D: I tend to wear a lot of Hayden’s clothes, particularly tee’s and jackets. I generally prefer an oversize fit and this range is a perfect balance of shape, colour and style to suit both of us. For a couple who wear so much black and grey, its actually the coloured pieces that I love most. I’d / we’d wear everything.

You are so accomplished within your field. What is your go to in order to keep motivated?

H: I started Haydenshapes when I was 15 years old and I have only ever worked for myself. I have made plenty of mistakes over the past couple of decades which not only keep me grounded and learning, but also really makes me feel very grateful that 23 years on I am still doing what I love and Haydenshapes continues to grow and evolve. It’s really that gratitude that keeps me going. I also just really froth out over surfboards... that same stoke I felt at 15 hasn’t changed too much.


Who inspires you to be the best version of yourself?

D: Probably our kids. It was a full reset when they came along. Our son Astyn is 1 and our daughter Alaia is 3. She’s at that age of really discovering her imagination, role playing etc. It’s an eye opener when you get to see her impression of you. You stand back... laughing mostly... but then digest the fact that these little humans soak in everything. “I don’t really do that do I?” It makes you conscious of being better in all ways I think.

Movement is so important for the body and mind. How do you integrate this into your day to day life?

H: The honest answer is that I am constantly moving whether it be walking through the factory in Mona Vale overseeing our custom production, shaping in the bay, running out for a surf to test new board samples. I answer most emails by making phone calls. For me movement breeds more energy and I get so much more out of my day keeping active vs sitting at a desk.

D: One of my friends introduced me to FluidForm Pilates at home. Game changer! I don’t prioritise exercise enough, but ironically I dress the part and live in activewear! So this is ideal for people like me who are time poor or just work better on their own schedule vs taking classes.


We have all had to adapt to a new norm. How have you found this transition and how you approach the new way of life?

H: For all the challenges 2020 has presented, I can’t help but think that perhaps the world needed it a lot of ways. Health, environment, racial issues, equality... Historically it could be the year that creates real change the world needs. If you don’t come out of this year a better person spiritually and more informed on a range of levels then I think you’ve missed the point. It’s definitely taught Dani and I to slow down and appreciate the simple things we all take for granted. Identifying our privilege and shifting our headspace into how we could better channel our voice and talents more into areas and causes that are bigger than us is something we’ve both taken from 2020. I’m looking beyond just surfboards now more than ever.