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If 2020 gave us anything, it was a true appreciation of the link between physical activity and mental, emotional and physical fitness. While we sifted through the cognitive load of an ever-changing news cycle, daily exercise became the one constant in our restricted lives. And now, as we find ourselves at the pointy end of 2021, every fitness studio is dazzling us with deals and at home workout programs, which, as we collectively nod and imagine ourselves fit, actually appear to be pretty great. Between gyms and Pilates studios, barre classes and tennis lessons, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to health. And while becoming fit looks different on everyone, we believe that by placing fitness first and engaging in regular activity – in all its varied glory – we can immediately improve the quality of our lives. That’s where our Fit First in Feb takes centre stage.

Fit First in Feb is not about “fitness resolutions”, because all too often we overcommit and wind up in new-convert-fatigue once the ‘free two-week trial’ has ended. Fit First in Feb takes a slightly more graceful and easy approach to health and wellness. We want to encourage you to find your fun in movement. To seek inspiration. To take charge of how you feel. And to get moving for the greater good of your life.


We want to incorporate fitness in some way, shape or form into our lives - in a sustainable way. It’s not about going all in, hard and fast, and burning out before the month’s end. We need to shelve the idea of instant fitness gratification. Fit First in Feb is about enjoyment; it’s an opportunity to create softer goals around maintainable exercise.

Fitness, first and foremost, is all about feeling good and being physically sound to perform all the activities that shape your lifestyle. Your body was made to move and while it’s not a new premise, it is an important one. Movement boosts your energy and increases the release of endorphins. It reduces anxiety and negativity by improving self-esteem and cognitive function. Increased circulation carries blood to feed the skin nutrients, hormones and oxygen from the inside, which gives your skin a healthy glow. And it all goes towards improving your mood, which in turn has a huge bearing on what you choose to do in and with your life.


To get us all on the right track, P.E Nation has teamed up with a number of great partners and over the course of February we have some incredible prizes to win, giveaways to enjoy, and free classes to inspire your fitness journey; so, stick with us for Fit First in Feb. Of course, no amount of exercise is complete without music, so we’ve partnered with Apple Music to create our own playlist that will be available an overarching soundtrack to Fit First in Feb.