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P.E Nation Co-Founders Pip Edwards & Claire Tregoning

Pip and Claire are the creative brains and forces behind P.E Nation. They are our every day muses and go beyond just talented working women – they are talented working mothers. This Mother’s Day we asked Pip & Claire to tell us all about raising children whilst growing a global brand, the importance of work/life balance and how they are celebrating this special day with their families.

Question: You’re both absolute super women! But we know it doesn’t come easy. How do you both find ‘balance’ between running a business and raising your families? What are your non negotiables when it comes to these things?

Pip: Pilates is MY moving meditation. It's my time to work on my core and breathe and build on my inner and outer strength. I love to start the day with pilates as it gives me the energy and focus to conquer the crazy day ahead.
Claire: It’s taken a long time to find a balance and I’m not sure there ever really is one. My non negotiables are that I do school drop off every day and I work from home 1 day a week.

Question: How has being a Mother impacted the way the both of you run your business?

Pip: Having the responsibility of a child forces me to remember there is a bigger picture to life. We all must remember the big picture. It gives me that drive to succeed and do it all, because I’m doing it for me and my son.
Claire: It definitely makes you work faster but it also has given me a huge respect for mums in the workforce and leniencies for mums in our business.

Question: What advice would you give other mothers who aspire to start their own business?

Pip: Buckle up, as it's an all consuming ride. It's challenging, it's testing, it's emotional, it's exhausting, you become really time poor, but it is the ultimate burn inside to make your dreams come true for yourself and your family, that it's worth ALL the effort.
Claire: Make sure you have a lot of support around you!

Question: What is your health & fitness/ self-care routines and when do you both find time to fit everything in?

Pip: I love healing massages, I love spiritual healing sessions, I love saunas, I love audiobooks, I love walking the Bondi to Bronte, I love facials, I love drinking licorice tea in my backyard staring at the stars, I love being predominantly plant based with my food, I love being sober-curious.
Claire: Pilates twice a week and walking twice a week or when I can, and one self-care session a week, whether it be a massage, chiro, kinesiology appointment. I have amazing people in my life that help me fit it all in.

Question: Best piece of advice given to you by your own mothers?

Pip: "Rise above and don’t let them touch you”
Claire: Always know how to cook from 4 ingredients so you can make food for anyone who drops by!

Question: How will you be spending Mother’s Day this year?

Pip: Will have a lazy morning at home, get a massage, then go to lunch with my son …. Then kick start fashion week in the afternoon!!!!
Claire: My kids are extremely pumped to make me breakfast in bed, then we will have lunch with my mum and my sisters family before I head in for the opening show of fashion week and then do technical run through for our show the next day.